Shaping the future together:
We want our children, grandchildren, and other future generations to be able to experience the beauty of the earth as we do today. At Infinergies, we work for a future worth living for. Through our renewable energy projects, we are making our contribution to reducing the speed and impact of global warming respectively limiting it to 1.5 degrees. Our name already communicates this approach: "Infin-" from "infinity" and "-ergies" from "energies" - Infinergies stands for infinite energy. In Finland, due to the renewable raw materials, the large area potential as well as the sun and wind, there are infinite possibilities to realise sustainable solutions against climate change. We are convinced that together with all the people who actively participate in our projects, we can move away from a fossil and towards a renewable world. Everyone can make a contribution. We are making ours. Let us shape the future together.