...project development for a renewable energy supply



Mission Statement

Infinergies plans, finances and builds wind, solar and bio energy projects. Many years of experience in the field of renewable energies, as well as the cooperation with our partners, local engineering offices and companies, enable us to develop flexible and goal-oriented projects according to the specific project requirements.


Martin Stuke, Mechanical engineer (FH), working since 1999 in the field of renewable energies, he gathered his Know-How in all the different areas of this market. Initially, he worked as sales manager in the marketing department of the wind energy system manufacturer, Enron Wind GmbH, which was taken over by General Electric and then later, renamed GE Wind Energy GmbH.

Following the take-over, he dealt with the operational and technical details as the top issue manager in the service department of GE Wind Energy GmbH, where he was responsible for the planning and implementing of complex and complete conversion programs for wind energy systems.

In the field of project development, he worked initially for the Evelop Germany GmbH as a senior project developer, responsible for the business and project development in Germany in the field of the renewable energy production, on- and offshore wind energy, photovoltaic systems and biomass/biogas.

And since 2009, Martin Stuke has successfully contributed his experience and technical knowledge, as well as his valuable contacts at home and abroad, as managing partner for Infinergies. His activity emphasis is placed in the area of project development, financing, implementation and marketing of projects in the field of renewable energy production, wind energy, photovoltaic systems and biomass/biogas.

In November 2010, Martin Stuke and Erwin Birr, as managing partners, established the Infinergies Finland Oy with its head office in Kempele, Finland. It is the purpose of this company to implement the business model of the Infinergies GmbH in Finland with the main focus on wind energy.