...project development for a renewable energy supply



Project Development

Infinergies develops projects starting with the "green meadow" up to construction commencement. In this endeavor, we rely on the teamwork of our partners, local engineering offices and companies, in addition to our own wealth of experience for each individual project. By implementing project-specific planning and with the cooperation of the involved communities, the land owners and the official authorities, we are able to achieve the best possible utilization of the existing properties for the wind and solar farms.

The main focus of Infinergies is the location assessment as well as securing the sites, the implementation of all approval procedures concerning environmental protection and building laws, acquiring the said approvals, planning of the mains connection, as well as the civil engineering.

Project Financing

Infinergies generates project-specific investment calculations and profitability analysis and cooperates for each of these projects with partner companies for the involvement of suitable investors and the acquisition of external financing.

Project Implementation

Infinergies is independent of any manufacturer and undertakes the following specific project tasks necessary for the implementation of the project, if necessary, with the help of external experts:

  • Selection and acquisition of the plant or system most suitable for the location
  • Assigning all crafts, trades and the construction site management
  • Supervision of the construction measures for all crafts/trades (road construction, foundations, cable route, construction)
  • Expert support during commissioning
  • Inspection and Approval

Technical Operation Management

Infinergies conducts the project-specific, technical operation management in cooperation with external, manufacturer-independent companies and experts. This includes amongst others the following tasks:

  • Monitoring all maintenance work of both the manufacturer and maintenance service companies
  • The accompaniment of experts during routine inspections
  • Involvement of qualified partners at location for reset works and switching operations in the medium voltage network