...project development for a renewable energy supply



We are looking for additional profitable sites for lease or sale for our wind energy systems, as well as roof spaces and open areas for our photovoltaic systems. We inspect your sites with the following considerations:

  • Profit situation
  • Development possibilities
  • Clearance to adjacent properties
  • Connecting options to the power mains
  • Legal concerns regarding nature protection and conservation

We are looking forward to hearing from you. To contact us, please give us a call.


We offer tailored concepts and attractive trade tax payments. Besides the interests of the land and property owners during the planning, we also take the interests of the residents concerned into consideration to avoid or minimize a possible conflict potential and, in many areas, we surpass the legal requirements.

A wind or photovoltaic farm also provides for the regional occupation market: Excavations and concrete works, road construction, and the creation of an electrical infrastructure must be carried out. And last but not least, once a plant is commissioned, it requires the corresponding personnel at location for maintenance and repair works.